Earning a medical degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine may not be the most obvious path to the pursuit of painting, but Drew Sarka’s path to artistry began there. His father (who painted on the side), bought Drew his first set of paints and canvas while shopping for text books in the school book store. In an attempt to escape from the tedium of endless hours of memorizing facts, Drew satisfied his creative personality through oil painting. After graduation, Drew dedicated his time to learning more about art, taking classes at the Art Student’s League of Denver.  There, he worked with Kevin Weckbach, Kim English and Ron Hicks to hone his skill.

After art school Drew set forth to paint subjects with intention, passion and honesty. His work always stems from a personal connection, whether the inspiration comes from a weekend mountain drive or from his daughter playing in the yard. It is those everyday experiences that Drew believes all of us can find value and joy in.

To date, Drew’s work has appeared in more than 30 art galleries and shows across the U.S. 

Artist Statement

As a family doctor by day, my job is to take care of others. With my art, I attempt to do the same thing. Though I paint representational subjects, my intent is to convey a broad abstract concept in each of my paintings that is produced with compassion and care. My work is inspired by the simple beauty all around us, in what we experience every day. As a result, I hope to capture just some of the joys and pleasantries in my work and daily life.